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Erotic Sensual Touch Massage Therapy For Wife Please read this entire page before contacting me about services. The vast majority of questions that I am asked in email are answered on this page. Once you have reviewed the written content right side feel free to complete my online form for more information or to schedule an appointment. You are on vacation in Istanbul or any side of istanbul andyour slut wife need to professional sensual massage (it can be kinde of massage, vist to Massage typemenu) while hubby watch her. Give erotic massage gift your wife or Girl Friend while watch her I do not do sensual massage on men. I receive many emails requesting service for men or to recommend a female massage therapist that provides this same service for men. I apologize, but I personally prefer to only massage women (wife or girlfriend) and I am unable to vouch for anyone else's credibility except my own.

Couples Having Their First Swingers Experience

Couples having their first Cuckold Experience

Husbands Giving Their Wife Cuckold Massage For The First Time

Husbands Who Have a Chance to Watch Their Wife Massage for the First Time

Adds Excitement to Your Marriage with Your Wife

About the Masseur

I am Masseur Emre, first of all, remember that massage is for your physical and mental health, and massage should never be used for other purposes! After I started this business, there were many imitators using my name and brand, but this is my original address.


tantra massage

Indian Art of Body Recognition Combination of tantra, also known as body recognition art from the mysterious Lands of Asia, with massage Important Note: My massage service is for Ladies only.


Wife Massage For Couple (For ladies and couples)

While you are experiencing the unique comfort of the massage, your husband will be with you while you experience the pleasure of healthy life, and you will feel the happiness of love in safety.


Swingers First Experience

The best choice for Swingers or Cuckold Couples Massage for Wife You can watch your partner while being massaged in confidence.


What City am I in?

You can get the massage service in your own home, at your workplace or in your hotel room. Massage service is for Ladies only

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Types of Massages You Can Get for Your Wife

Massage Services

I recommend 1 hour Classic Massage for your wife at your first experience, but you can choose massage types according to your own preference. Please e-mail for details without hesitation.

Swedish Massage | Swedish Massage (for women)

It is applied to your whole body with soft and soothing touches, in a calm environment that you have created in your home or hotel room at your workplace, accompanied by the sounds of calming nature, it is passed from your body to your soul with soft touches.

Sensual Massage for women (for women and couples)

When you hear the name of this massage, you should not only think of sex. You will get away from stress and feel warm while your blood circulation accelerates with soft touches to every part of your completely natural body.

Lymph Drainage Massage (For Ladies)

Cellulite Treatment: Lymphatic drainage massage Lymphatic drainage massage is applied manually or with a lymph drainage machine. Manual massage, deep It provides light activation at first. The movements made push the lymphatic flow in the vessels. When certain points are pressed with the fingers, the used lymph is thrown away and new ones are formed, which accelerates the blood circulation in that area without using any force.

Wife Massage For Couple (For ladies and couples)

While you are experiencing the unique comfort of the massage, your husband will be with you while you experience the pleasure of healthy life, and you will feel the happiness of love in safety.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning relaxation of the vagina. Another translation meaning is "sacred place." It begins with a tantric philosophy as a tool that honors women with love and care, and is groped from one point to the vagina with a massage. Yoni massage is both sensual and enjoyable, the main purpose is to bring the woman to orgasm. But it is meant to awaken the woman's awareness of her own sexuality and self-awareness, and to establish a close bond with her partner with trust. The purpose here is to strengthen the communication of the Spouses in the relationship.

tantric massage

The perfect meeting of Indian Body Recognition Art and Massage, together with the therapist, give your wife the best gift Massage!


Your Massage Requests

I offer unlimited solutions to all your massage needs with your partner. I add color to your day with optimizations in the form of massage packages, Do not forget that massage is for health and spiritual relaxation and do not make offers other than massage.


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Sensual Massage For Wife


Watch as your wife gets a massage

60 minute

Massage form You can be with your spouse

foam massage optional

Extension of time 3 hours maximum

appointment Must be taken at least 1 Day Before

Tantric Massage

$159/1 hr

Having a massage by catching the perfect harmony with your partner

60 minute

Massage Shape Indian Art of Body Recognition

Foam Massage optional

Extension of time optional

appointment at least 1 day in advance

Massage for Wife

185/1,5 hr

Wonderful massage that will bring happiness to your wife

60 minute

Massage Style For 2 Couples ( 4 people)

Foam Massage optional

Extension of time optional

appointment t least 1 day in advance

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